Writing Workshops

Dana offers writing workshops to congregations, community groups, and small groups. Her work includes half-day or full-day workshops on writing as a spiritual practice. Through this offering, Dana equips students with tools to enhance their faith journeys through writing. The tools include Lectio Divina, the Morning Pages, and Journaling. The workshops also provide time for writing exercises and sharing.

If your group is interested in a writing workshop, contact her at dana@jdanatrent.com

1 thought on “Writing Workshops”

  • Your workshop was excellent. The material was new for me. The group of 10 participants, including you and Chris as co-leaders,
    all sitting in a circle, was a perfect size for a small group… empowering and intimate at the same time. Morning Pages was my favorite.
    A great way to start the day. Would love to hear the material a second time. Well done. Worthwhile.

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