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This is a true story about faith, fun, poverty, identity, mental-illness-and-resilience, all centered around a drug-dealing toddler.

September 14, 2021 Press Release

The Breaking Good podcast was made possible by the Louisville Institute and with special thanks to the Western Indiana Community Foundation, Vermillon County Community Foundation, and the Collegeville Institute. Additional special thanks to Mark Bennett, a journalist at the Terre Haute Tribune-Star. Except for Judith Dana Lewman Trent, her father, and her mother, all legal names, street names, identifying details of living characters have been changed or composited to protect their privacy.

The introduction to each episode of this podcast features licensed music entitled “From the Heartland” by Seastock.

The Breaking Good podcast was produced, recorded, and edited by Profound Productions with Audacity® software. Audacity® software is copyright © 1999-2021 Audacity Team. It is free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The name Audacity® is a registered trademark.

Episode 1 – She Grew Up in an Indiana Town

In episode one, we meet Dana from Dana: Ernie Pyle enthusiast, and child of the 90s. Dana literally grew up in an Indiana town. But this is no ordinary small town experience. Listen as Dana builds an unbelievable world of faith, mental illness, poverty, and substance use.

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Episode 2: This Semi-Charmed Kind of Life

J. Dana Trent and her father, Richard “King” Lewman

In episode two, when Dana’s parents’ drug trafficking business points the family to the test, we find out that even the smallest miracles are short-lived.

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Episode 3 – I Saw the Sign

In episode three, when Dana’s father and mother died unexpectedly, she is forced to reconcile and repair a shameful past full of regret. While Dana faces her deepest wounds, she finds healing in a surprising place. 

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Episode 4: Epilogue, Breaking Good

Where are they now? Dana’s return home helps build a brighter future for town residents.

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Episode 5: Big Announcement!

Breaking Good is turning into a book!