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Year-in-Review: The Blog Posts You Loved!

Writers want nothing more than to connect with readers. Friends, you are the faithful followers of this site, and I’m grateful for your reading, sharing, and loving. This is your community: you help it grow and thrive, and I’m happy to share the top ten 

Impostor Syndrome: This is Only a Test

  I sat down to write this post, and the fire alarm went off. Not just any fire alarm, but the industrial-strength, megaphone announcement that is North Carolina State University’s emergency broadcast system. It took a minute for the few overachievers and I who sat 

Why Being Fat Was the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to Me

  Anne Lamott on her thighs, also know as “the aunties”: “We walked along, the aunties and me … I could feel the aunties beaming. They had been in the dark too long. It did not trouble me that parts of my body — the auntie