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What Would Jesus Eat?

Fat Tuesday Two weeks ago today, Christians around the globe celebrated a fervent ritual of eating anything and everything that’s good and greasy. In honor of Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras), we cleaned out our pantries in hopes that with the foodstuffs gone, the temptation would 

Saffron Cross Bonus Material: Gangster Gail

Charleston For years, my Aunt Gail has taken her sisters on a yearly trip to Charleston the first week in December. When my eldest Aunt Ann was too frail to go, Aunt Gail began inviting her younger sister, my mother Judy. Last year, I got 

Lenten Vegetarianism

Lenten Vegetarianism

Lent 2012 is three weeks away. For my pastor friends, this means a season as busy as Advent, a time when ministers work hard to offer their parishioners Bible studies, Lenten reflections, daily devotional booklets, and sermons on the wilderness experience. For me, Lent marks a