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Another Year, Another Lent

Lent has come and gone, and it was less quiet than I anticipated. While my intention of a writing discipline and reflection was sincere, the holy season seemed to fly by, lost in a whirlwind of activities and work. Within that work, though, there were spaces of 

A Chaplain Goes to India

A Chaplain Goes to India

This essay was published in July edition of Saathee Magazine. It is available in print at your local Indian/South Asian grocery stores. Finding God in Unexpected Places By J. Dana Trent, MDiv India has an age-old system of monkey versus human. Monkeys perched on market street 

Death and Dying: a Chaplain’s Journey

In last week’s “The Writing Challenge” post, I asked readers which of these book-length projects jazzed them up. The response was enthusiastic and most readers favored: –Exploring an  interfaith (Christian-Hindu) marriage –Service  as a UNC Hospitals chaplain resident with a specialty in death and dying