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My Quiet Spaces: Why Women Need Quiet Time, and How They Can Find It

My Quiet Spaces: Why Women Need Quiet Time, and How They Can Find It

It’s Friday. For most of us, the end of the traditional work-week signals two feelings: relief or dread. We may feel lifted up—buoyed by a productive five days at work, or, more likely, we feel frantic, unbalanced, rushed, and dreading the fact that we’ll actually 

Throwback Lent: Why You Should “Blow Up Your TV”

  TV is exhausting. Fred and I don’t have what my uncle refers to as “the idiot box,” so navigating our throwback, tech-free Lenten discipline never included the elimination of the tube. Besides, cable was alive and well in the 90s, and unfortunately, is still 

Throwback Lent: Ashes and Boomboxes

For each Sunday in Lent, Fred and I are giving up all technology that was not invented and/or available in 1995. This means no iPhones, no email, no Internet, no social media, no texting, no iTunes. We’re traveling with Jesus old school style, and you 

Throwback Lent: Doing Church like It’s 1995

[caption id="attachment_3030" align="aligncenter" width="387"]Me with my Indiglo watch, on my 14th birthday in the spring of 1995. Me with my Indiglo watch, on my 14th birthday.[/caption]

Throwback Sunday

In 1995, I was a 14-year-old underdeveloped eighth-grader, overly excited about boys and unmotivated by actual spirituality.

New Blog Series: Stealing Back Sabbath

Growing up in rural North Carolina, Sunday was synonymous with worship. First Baptist Church was our weekly hot spot, a place where my mother stood outside the towering brick structure smoothing my eyebrows and giving me a once over to make certain my slip wasn’t