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Three Ways to Make Your Interfaith Marriage Successful After You Say Your Vows

Can you feel the love? It’s that season again. Each summer weekend, worshiping communities across the U.S. will open their doors to excited guests, nervous partners, and committed clergy. At any given sunset, convertibles will boast tin cans and shaving cream-covered windows announcing, “Just Married!” 

Four Crucial Ways College Students Teach Us How to be in Interfaith Conversation

Fellow interfaith author and activist Susan Katz Miller recently reflected on her interfaith cross-country tour with her book, Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Family. She writes, “I feel like we are just at the beginning of a great, national conversation on religious flexibility 

Thanksgivukkah: The Challenges of Interfaith Families in America

Holiday Mash-Up  This morning I woke up in sweat. I’d just had an anxiety dream about tomorrow’s mash-up of the traditional American holiday, Thanksgiving, and the Hindu holy day, Ekadasi. In January 2013, Fred and I recommitted to participating in one another’s holy days–from Lent 

Can You Really Be Both? A Review of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family by Susan Katz Miller

  The Children Question When Fred and I are share our Saffron Cross story at book readings and speaking engagements, the most popular question we receive is: “What about kids?” As a Christian-Hindu couple, how would we choose to raise children? With one religion? Two religions?