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Leaning Into Our Lament

Friends, Fred and I had a wonderful time time at SOULfeast. We walked, prayed, worshiped, attended thoughtful sessions on cultivating spirituality and practices, and–our souls were fed! Last week, I had the honor of serving as the Monday night preacher, which meant that I was 

Why Do We Hide Our Suffering?

Admit it: that 4th of July selfie you posted took 15 tries, and though your smiling faces shone bright as the fireworks, you were actually hot, grumpy, and bracing yourself to fight the 100,000 other people making a b-line to their cars after the last 

Help Me Shape My Second Book!

Friends, YOU can help me shape my second book on death, grief, and interfaith perspectives of the afterlife. Tell me about …  1. When you search for a book on death, what are you looking or hoping for? What do you want the book to 

A Chaplain Goes to India

A Chaplain Goes to India

This essay was published in July edition of Saathee Magazine. It is available in print at your local Indian/South Asian grocery stores. Finding God in Unexpected Places By J. Dana Trent, MDiv India has an age-old system of monkey versus human. Monkeys perched on market street