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4 Things Every Freelance Writer Should Know Before Launching Their Career

I’ve recently completed my fourth year as a freelance writer, teacher, and consultant. That’s 1,460 days of surviving artistic doubt and the feast-or-famine nature of contract work. So, what’s the key to freelance writing success? The answer might surprise you. In mid-April of 2011, I 

Three Ways to Get Yourself Out of Writer’s Block

Confession: I’m breaking the golden rule of blogging and social media writing, because this post is really about me. But, for all its apparent selfishness, this is a “physician heal thyself” message. I’m addressing my current creative struggles publicly because I’m guessing that you or 

Why Every Writer Needs an Ideal Reader

Moved to Tears Last week, Fred read the draft of the first chapter of my second book. He was ten minutes in when I scooted over to his desk, which is adjacent to mine in the tiny second bedroom we call our office. I expected 

The Writing Challenge

Freelance writing career, week 1, day 4. As I’m listening to Madonna in my living room and drinking a cup of strongly brewed tea, I’m reminded that this is always what I’ve wanted to do. Hunkered down in a quiet space, listening to my favorite music, and