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Three Surprising Reasons Why Christians Should Meditate

“The only trouble is that in the spiritual life, there are no tricks and no shortcuts.” “We do not want to be beginners. But let us be convinced of the fact that we will never be anything else but beginners.” –Thomas Merton In July, Fred 

Be Still: How a “Busy” Woman Made Time for Contemplation

In Saffron Cross, I wrote about my husband’s morning devotional practice, a routine stemming from his service as a Hindu monk and priest. It wasn’t until I met Fred that I began to discern what such a practice might look like for me, and when 

Why Do We Hide Our Suffering?

Admit it: that 4th of July selfie you posted took 15 tries, and though your smiling faces shone bright as the fireworks, you were actually hot, grumpy, and bracing yourself to fight the 100,000 other people making a b-line to their cars after the last 

Saffron Cross Spring 2014 Tour (NC, VA, and KY)

Photo Credit: Linda Furtado Saffron Cross Spring 2014 Tour (NC, VA, and KY) It’s that time! Spring is nearly here (I repeat this mantra even as NC has just wrested with another bout of wintry mess!), and Fred and I are on the road again. 

On the Road Again!

Is Willie in your head yet? ‘Cause I “just can’t wait to get on the road again.” “The life I love is making books for my friends.” Sing along! Now is it in your head? On the Road Again Today, I’m off to Winston-Salem to