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Stealing Back Sabbath Series: Sabbath Keeping

The third and last guest installment of our Stealing Back Sabbath series includes a reflection from the Rev. Jennifer Hege, an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. Today, Rev. Hege will discuss the necessity of Sabbath, how we’ve become “anti-sabbath” people, and why clergy 

Stealing Back Sabbath Series: Sabbath Opportunities

  Friends: It’s a honor to host our second writer of the “Stealing Back Sabbath” series, Kristen Vincent. Like Kate Rademacher’s call to Sabbath discipline, Kristen reminds us that Sabbath is a opportunity to be cherished, not a sentence to be endured. And, you might 

New Blog Series: Stealing Back Sabbath

Growing up in rural North Carolina, Sunday was synonymous with worship. First Baptist Church was our weekly hot spot, a place where my mother stood outside the towering brick structure smoothing my eyebrows and giving me a once over to make certain my slip wasn’t 

Writing and Still: Reflections on Lent

Writing and Still: Reflections on Lent

We are three weeks into Lent, and my manuscript writing discipline has gone better than I expected. Some days I cannot accomplish the 30 minute goal, but I do my best to make up it with longer writing sessions on the weekends. Thus far, I’ve worked