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Born Dying: Conversations from a Death Cafe

Born Dying: Conversations from a Death Cafe

“Imagine attending a meet-up with friends at your local coffee shop. You might catch up on a hobby, discuss parenting, or share life hacks on your work-life balance. Instead, you talk about dying.” –Born Dying: Conversations from a Death Cafe  Do you talk about death 

When Monks Say “I Do”

“This discipline and posture toward the spiritual, which appears to the decaffeinated as annoying, stems from his five-year tenure as a devout Hindu monk who lived in the Redwoods of Northern California.” –-from “When Monks Say “I Do”: Confessions of a Former Monastic’s Wife, on 

Marked by Faith: The Spirituality of Tattoos

I’m fascinated with tattoos. Though I have none, it hasn’t stopped my from querying everyone I meet who has an intriguing mark on his or her body. Fred cringes in face-palming embarrassment when I inquire: “Tell me about your tattoo!” holding up grocery store lines and 

Stronger Together: Observing an Interfaith Lent

BIG NEWS! Saffron Cross is the featured selection on Patheos Book Club April 1st through 15th. Fred and I are grateful for the Patheos reviews and reflections of our little interfaith story. Check out the video interview with Deborah Arca, manager editor of the Progressive Christian Portal (if keep