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Thanksgivukkah: The Challenges of Interfaith Families in America

Holiday Mash-Up  This morning I woke up in sweat. I’d just had an anxiety dream about tomorrow’s mash-up of the traditional American holiday, Thanksgiving, and the Hindu holy day, Ekadasi. In January 2013, Fred and I recommitted to participating in one another’s holy days–from Lent 

Three Things that May Surprise You About a Christian-Hindu Marriage

According to Naomi Schaefer Riley, author of ‘Til Faith Do Us Part, 42 percent of us are married to a partner of another denomination, faith tradition, or someone who practices no faith at all. From Mormon to Methodist, Jewish to Jehovah’s Witness, Buddhist to Lutheran, our 

How to Keep the Faith in Interfaith Marriage

Editor’s Note (4/15/13): I’ve added links at the end of this post to other writers who’ve commented on Naomi Schaefer Riley’s work.  By J. Dana Trent and Fred Eaker I’ve spent the last two Easters in the company of devout Hindus. On one of Christianity’s