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My Mother, My American Hero

My Mother, My American Hero

As our 9th grade school year was coming to a close, Mrs. Anderson, our Reidsville High School history teacher, gave us an essay assignment describing our American heroes. The best essays would be entered in the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) “My American Hero” 

A Student of Memoirs

On any given afternoon, I can be found flipping furiously through writers’ memoirs. Libraries, used book stores, and friends’ bookshelves feed my addiction. But before I can open my soul to a writer’s heart, my fingers must feverishly turn to the memoir’s copyright page. From there, 

Leaving Duke

Today is the first day of my full-time freelance writing career. My near decade of study and work at Duke University equipped me for this decision. Empowered by faculty and staff, Duke afforded me invaluable opportunities and preparation for this journey. Since arriving at Duke (age