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Introducing the Array of Faith Podcast

Introducing the Array of Faith Podcast

With so little hope, it feels like a good time to share a little light.  Announcing the “Array of Faith” podcast, where we shed light on the beauty in our numerous religious and spiritual differences. Listen. Subscribe. Review. Let us know what you think! As a professor of world 

An Interfaith Conversion: Guest Post from Rev. Elizabeth Hagan

Friends: I’m thrilled to welcome Rev. Elizabeth Hagan to the blog today! Elizabeth and I graduated from Duke Divinity School together in 2006. An ordained Baptist minister, Elizabeth’s commitment to the Gospel while being open to the many ways in which others approach God is 

Why Do We Hide Our Suffering?

Admit it: that 4th of July selfie you posted took 15 tries, and though your smiling faces shone bright as the fireworks, you were actually hot, grumpy, and bracing yourself to fight the 100,000 other people making a b-line to their cars after the last 

Interfaith Marriage, Then and Now: A Review of Star Crossed by Bette Isacoff

Interfaith Marriage: Then and Now  When Fred and I were engaged in November of 2009, our families didn’t balk. It was no matter that we were two ordained persons in intrinsically different religions, and that ahead of us would be the difficult task of forming 

Can You Really Be Both? A Review of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family by Susan Katz Miller

  The Children Question When Fred and I are share our Saffron Cross story at book readings and speaking engagements, the most popular question we receive is: “What about kids?” As a Christian-Hindu couple, how would we choose to raise children? With one religion? Two religions?