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Introducing the Array of Faith Podcast

Introducing the Array of Faith Podcast

With so little hope, it feels like a good time to share a little light.  Announcing the “Array of Faith” podcast, where we shed light on the beauty in our numerous religious and spiritual differences. Listen. Subscribe. Review. Let us know what you think! As a professor of world 

Three Ways Christians Can Benefit from a Ramadan Fast

For the past two years, teacher, writer, and interfaith advocate Sarah Ager has curated the Interfaith Ramadan blog series. Sarah was born in the UK, raised as a Christian, and recently converted to Islam after a series of interactions with Muslim friends. In 2013 and 

Interfaith Inspiration: A Baptist-Muslim Love Story

Our second Saffron Cross anniversary reflection comes from Sarah Amick, who hails from the Christian tradition and is engaged to a Muslim. Sarah shares her first encounter with the book and how it’s help her realize that a happy, successful interfaith marriage is possible. Thanks for 

An Interfaith Conversion: Guest Post from Rev. Elizabeth Hagan

Friends: I’m thrilled to welcome Rev. Elizabeth Hagan to the blog today! Elizabeth and I graduated from Duke Divinity School together in 2006. An ordained Baptist minister, Elizabeth’s commitment to the Gospel while being open to the many ways in which others approach God is 

Interfaith Encounters in Everyday Life

Book Learning Last week, I learned an important lesson about this crazy-making season of awaiting a “book baby.” It was taught to me by my best friend of 20 years who knows my habits, insecurities, and the all-or-nothing thinking that is my default under pressure.