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Three Ways Christians Can Benefit from a Ramadan Fast

For the past two years, teacher, writer, and interfaith advocate Sarah Ager has curated the Interfaith Ramadan blog series. Sarah was born in the UK, raised as a Christian, and recently converted to Islam after a series of interactions with Muslim friends. In 2013 and 

Marked by Faith: The Spirituality of Tattoos

I’m fascinated with tattoos. Though I have none, it hasn’t stopped my from querying everyone I meet who has an intriguing mark on his or her body. Fred cringes in face-palming embarrassment when I inquire: “Tell me about your tattoo!” holding up grocery store lines and 

YOLO or No? How a Christian Wrestled with Reincarnation

Hushpuppies North Carolina’s State Fair is ten days of crispy deliciousness. This annual fall celebration beckons residents from all over our state to our capital, where “in the name of agriculture!” we deep fry everything. The autumn after my father’s death, Fred and I made 

Year-in-Review: The Blog Posts You Loved!

Writers want nothing more than to connect with readers. Friends, you are the faithful followers of this site, and I’m grateful for your reading, sharing, and loving. This is your community: you help it grow and thrive, and I’m happy to share the top ten 

How a Christian Celebrated Christmas at a Hindu Monastery

I realized that Christmas is about connecting to Christ through love of community and simplicity.

How I Survived My Indiana Jones Moment: Adventures at a Costa Rica Monastery, Part II

  The morning we left for Miami en route to Costa Rica, a Baptist friend who directs the Upper Room’s Academy for Spiritual Formation commented on an airport Facebook photo:  “Must be a monastery of some sort there you’re visiting. Or, are you actually going