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What the Jungle Taught Me: Adventures at a Costa Rica Monastery, Part IV

There are no eyelash curlers in the remote jungle of western Costa Rica. Dense, green mountains strip away all vanity; nature becomes the great equalizer. “Forest fashion” is whatever is clean, or at the very least, that which doesn’t smell too terrible. Mismatched outfits, floppy hats, 

How I Found Contentment, and How You Can, Too.

Two weeks ago, I returned from a seven-day trip to Charleston with my mother and her sister, the famous Aunt Gangster Gail. On this annual trip southward, I am the event planner, chauffeur, schlepper, and general go-to companions for adults age 70 and older. Keeping the 

33 Lessons I’ve Learned in 33 Years

And I will stroll the merry way And jump the hedges first And I will drink the clear Clean water for to quench my thirst And I shall watch the ferry-boats And they’ll get high On a bluer ocean Against tomorrow’s sky And I will 



My husband is amazing. He knows what motivates me and keeps me moving toward my goals. For Christmas, Fred had a BlogBook made of  my published posts from http://jdanatrent.wpengine.com/. He used Feed Fabrik  to produce a 138 page book that contains 75 of my posts dating