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Saffron Cross Wins 2015 Illumination Book Award for Memoir

Another BIG announcement from the interfaith marriage trenches! Saffron Cross has won its second award, the 2015 Illumination Book Gold Award for Best Memoir. The Illumination Book Awards are designed to honor and bring increased recognition to the year’s best new titles written and published with 

Saffron Cross Wins USA Best Book Award 2014

  Last week, I wrote on Impostor’s Syndrome, a phenomenon that creeps into our professional lives when things are going well. The day I published that post, I received an email from my publisher stating that my first book, Saffron Cross, had won a USA Best Book Award 

On the Road Again!

Is Willie in your head yet? ‘Cause I “just can’t wait to get on the road again.” “The life I love is making books for my friends.” Sing along! Now is it in your head? On the Road Again Today, I’m off to Winston-Salem to 

Show us Your Saffron Stuff!

This warms my heart. In preparation for an upcoming Saffron Cross event, hostess Sheryl Scrimsher crafted this quiz for the guests! Thanks, Sheryl! There is truly no better feeling as a writer than to see folks be excited about this story. Take the quiz, share, and let us 

Saffron Cross Bonus Material: Gangster Gail

Charleston For years, my Aunt Gail has taken her sisters on a yearly trip to Charleston the first week in December. When my eldest Aunt Ann was too frail to go, Aunt Gail began inviting her younger sister, my mother Judy. Last year, I got 

3 Incredible Lessons I Learned on Book Tour

I’m exhausted in the most beautiful way. Fred and I completed six weeks of book tour with Saffron Cross—all while maintaining our day jobs and our sanity. Three states, eight flights, and 13 events later—we’re still married and in one piece. Last weekend we crashed,