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Three Ways Christians Can Benefit from a Ramadan Fast

For the past two years, teacher, writer, and interfaith advocate Sarah Ager has curated the Interfaith Ramadan blog series. Sarah was born in the UK, raised as a Christian, and recently converted to Islam after a series of interactions with Muslim friends. In 2013 and 

Mixed-Up Faith Series: Guest Post on “Alise … Write!”

I’m honored to be a guest blogger today on Alise Wright’s blog, “Alise … Write!” Alise and her husband Jason were recently featured on Rachel Held Evans’ blog regarding their mixed-faith marriage (Christian and Atheist). Alise holds a weekly Mixed-Up Faith Series on her site that 

Lent: Planting Seeds in the Dark

Mr. Rogers The other day, Fred planted seeds in a long, greenhouse-like tray that will serve as their temporary home until they are big enough for pots. I watched him as he happily cared for his tender ones, spraying them with droplets and wishing them 

Interfaith Lent: Getting Back to God

Christian-Hindu Interfaith Practices Today, Fred and I will fast from grains; tonight, we’ll read from the Gospel of John. It is a day in our Christian-Hindu interfaith household where two spiritual practices intersect: Ekadasi and Lent. Ekadasi is a Hindu practice based on the lunar calendar