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What the Jungle Taught Me: Adventures at a Costa Rica Monastery, Part IV

There are no eyelash curlers in the remote jungle of western Costa Rica. Dense, green mountains strip away all vanity; nature becomes the great equalizer. “Forest fashion” is whatever is clean, or at the very least, that which doesn’t smell too terrible. Mismatched outfits, floppy hats, 

Extinct Birds and Blind Horses: Adventures at a Costa Rica Monastery, Part III

Two guests here at Madhuvan Monastery are avid birdwatchers. They tote binoculars and can identify most tropical species, but are not the type of experts who look down on the rest of us with our mere urban pigeon knowledge. Justin and Lila-mayi walk the dirt paths 

How I Survived My Indiana Jones Moment: Adventures at a Costa Rica Monastery, Part II

  The morning we left for Miami en route to Costa Rica, a Baptist friend who directs the Upper Room’s Academy for Spiritual Formation commented on an airport Facebook photo:  “Must be a monastery of some sort there you’re visiting. Or, are you actually going 

How I Learned to Kneel: Adventures at a Costa Rican Monastery, Part I

  “They’re leaf cutter ants. They won’t go in.” It was 9:00 or or 10:00 p.m., somewhere in the central time zone in a remote jungle of Costa Rica, and I thought I was hallucinating from motion sickness and fatigue. The stone entrance to the