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Diligent Sabbath: Lessons in Going Deeper as We Go Wider

Diligent Sabbath: Lessons in Going Deeper as We Go Wider

I continue to be grateful for the ways in which readers are using For Sabbath’s Sake as a return to and re-envisioning of modern sabbath-keeping. In her recent piece for Mennonite World Review, my friend and Christian Century editor, Celeste Kennel-Shank, describes what we—and the church—must embrace 

Rapture Ready: Saffron Cross Bonus Material

In honor of the recently released trailer for the “Left Behind” movie, I’m releasing my own apocalyptic literature, a bonus vignette  from Saffron Cross.  The landscape of modern (and ancient) culture has always been dotted with prophets who’ve claimed the end was near. Every few 

Three Ways to Make Your Interfaith Marriage Successful After You Say Your Vows

Can you feel the love? It’s that season again. Each summer weekend, worshiping communities across the U.S. will open their doors to excited guests, nervous partners, and committed clergy. At any given sunset, convertibles will boast tin cans and shaving cream-covered windows announcing, “Just Married!”