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Introducing the Array of Faith Podcast

Introducing the Array of Faith Podcast

With so little hope, it feels like a good time to share a little light.  Announcing the “Array of Faith” podcast, where we shed light on the beauty in our numerous religious and spiritual differences. Listen. Subscribe. Review. Let us know what you think! As a professor of world 

Christian-Buddhist Double Header: An Exploration of Interfaith Worship Inspired by Saffron Cross

Friends, today is the day! Happy anniversary, Saffron Cross! To celebrate one-year of joining thousands of interfaith partners and friends in spreading the  love, the Kindle version of Saffron Cross is available this week for only $2.99. Today, we welcome Kate Rademacher back to the blog. Kate 

Stealing Back Sabbath Series: Sabbath Discipline

I’m so excited share the first post in our “Stealing Back Sabbath” series! My friend and fellow writer Kate Rademacher is launching us, and I’m certain you’ll enjoy her sabbath perspective as a recent convert to Christianity. Read, share, spread the love. Questions for Kate?