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A Year Later: Remembering BEA

This time last year, Fred and I were off to NYC the celebrate the awesomeness that is BookExpo America–a gathering of thousands of authors, publishers, booksellers, and book lovers. We distributed nearly 200 signed advance copies of Saffron Cross to book reviewers, librarians, and members of the 

The Teamwork of Birthing a Book

The Busy-ness of Life The past six weeks have been crazy awesome. Fred and I traveled to the BookExpo America in New York to promote Saffron Cross. We’ve packed boxes for our move from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom apartment (upgrade!). My editor and I have completed the 

5 Things We Learned at BookExpo America

Thanks to our publisher, Fresh Air Books, our two-day adventure at the BookExpo America (BEA) in New York was full of bright-eyed, first-time author moments of bliss and awe. Nearly 300 advance reader copies of Saffron Cross were distributed while Fred and I connected with wonderful people and 

Dream Big: BookExpo America

Two years ago, I left my job at Duke University to write a book. Today, I fly to New York to attend the largest publishing event in North America in preparation for the October 1 release of Saffron Cross. You, my husband, family, and friends 

3 Ways to Prepare for Your Book’s Launch

In the midst of finalizing Saffron Cross manuscript revisions, Fred and I are already preparing for the book’s October 1 release. “But, that’s four months away,” you say. Yes, and there’s still much to be done! When Fresh Air Books, an imprint of Upper Room Books, accepted my 

Saffron Cross Goes to BookExpo America

This story is strange enough, and told well enough, that it could become bigger than folks might expect. —Swami Bhakti Abhaya Ashram, writer, teacher and bhiksu at Sri Caitanya Sanga Interfaith Adventures of a Non-Traditional Marriage Our Baptist-Hindu match has been just strange enough to