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Why Is It So Hard to Practice What You Preach?

Why Is It So Hard to Practice What You Preach?

Remember the famous Biblical proverb from Luke 4:34, “Physician, heal thyself!”? Well, I’m in need of my own #ForSabbathsSake medicine. Last weekend, Fred and I sabbathed with the amazing Myers Park Baptist Church for their 75th Jubilee Year Inter-Generational Retreat. Through three sessions, five worship 

Saffron Cross 2014 Fall Tour

On the road again … To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the release of Saffron Cross, Fred and I are heading out an abbreviated fall book tour. Come see us: Monday, September 15, 7:30 p.m., Saffron Cross: Interfaith Love, Life, and Lessons at Elon University, Elon, NC 

Three Ways to Get Yourself Out of Writer’s Block

Confession: I’m breaking the golden rule of blogging and social media writing, because this post is really about me. But, for all its apparent selfishness, this is a “physician heal thyself” message. I’m addressing my current creative struggles publicly because I’m guessing that you or 

Saffron Cross Spring 2014 Tour (NC, VA, and KY)

Photo Credit: Linda Furtado Saffron Cross Spring 2014 Tour (NC, VA, and KY) It’s that time! Spring is nearly here (I repeat this mantra even as NC has just wrested with another bout of wintry mess!), and Fred and I are on the road again. 

On the Road Again!

Is Willie in your head yet? ‘Cause I “just can’t wait to get on the road again.” “The life I love is making books for my friends.” Sing along! Now is it in your head? On the Road Again Today, I’m off to Winston-Salem to 

3 Incredible Lessons I Learned on Book Tour

I’m exhausted in the most beautiful way. Fred and I completed six weeks of book tour with Saffron Cross—all while maintaining our day jobs and our sanity. Three states, eight flights, and 13 events later—we’re still married and in one piece. Last weekend we crashed,