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We’re Launched: Saffron Cross is Released!

We’re launched! Last Wednesday’s book launch at Binkley Baptist Church was the highlight of our busy week! Friends from near and far gathered to celebrate the “birth” of this interfaith love story, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support. Special thanks to Upper Room 

5 Interfaith Ways to Pray

Prayer Intergenerational summer worship at Binkley Baptist Church is like God’s family reunion. It’s the place where God’s imperfect children come to pray, play, and wonder. After last Sunday’s Gospel reading, our pastor, the Rev. Peter J.B. Carman commissioned all of us with choosing one of two 

Interfaith Worship Leadership

  This was an interfaith marriage first. Last Sunday, Fred and I led the Binkley Baptist Church inter-generational worship, an early service held each week during summer and once per month during the academic year. The inter-generational service is designed to be informal, child-friendly, and a sacred 

Lent: Planting Seeds in the Dark

Mr. Rogers The other day, Fred planted seeds in a long, greenhouse-like tray that will serve as their temporary home until they are big enough for pots. I watched him as he happily cared for his tender ones, spraying them with droplets and wishing them 

Interfaith Encounters: A Binkley Baptist Church School Course

Interfaith Encounters: A Binkley Baptist Church School Course

Chapel Hill, NC — The Olin T. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church launched its Christian Formation programmatic year on September 9th, which includes a variety of ministries and educational opportunities. Interfaith Encounters Class Among this semester’s Church School (Sunday School) offerings is Interfaith Encounters, a course designed 

Pentecost Moments

Pentecost Moments

When’s the last time  you had a Pentecost moment? Pentecost is a high holy day when Christians read and remember Acts 2, a story about the work of the Holy Spirit bringing together people who (seemingly) had the deepest divides. The Chin people (refugees from