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Interfaith Inspiration: A Baptist-Muslim Love Story

Our second Saffron Cross anniversary reflection comes from Sarah Amick, who hails from the Christian tradition and is engaged to a Muslim. Sarah shares her first encounter with the book and how it’s help her realize that a happy, successful interfaith marriage is possible. Thanks for 

New Blog Series: Stealing Back Sabbath

Growing up in rural North Carolina, Sunday was synonymous with worship. First Baptist Church was our weekly hot spot, a place where my mother stood outside the towering brick structure smoothing my eyebrows and giving me a once over to make certain my slip wasn’t 

Rapture Ready: Saffron Cross Bonus Material

In honor of the recently released trailer for the “Left Behind” movie, I’m releasing my own apocalyptic literature, a bonus vignette  from Saffron Cross.  The landscape of modern (and ancient) culture has always been dotted with prophets who’ve claimed the end was near. Every few 

Mixed-Up Faith Series: Guest Post on “Alise … Write!”

I’m honored to be a guest blogger today on Alise Wright’s blog, “Alise … Write!” Alise and her husband Jason were recently featured on Rachel Held Evans’ blog regarding their mixed-faith marriage (Christian and Atheist). Alise holds a weekly Mixed-Up Faith Series on her site that 

Interfaith Friendships: Becoming Fully Human

Interfaith Friendships: Becoming Fully Human

“Interfaith is not about conversion, it’s about completion—becoming a more complete, fully human being.” –Imam Jamal Rahman, TEDxDU talk, May 26, 2011 Do interfaith friendships enhance our own faith journeys? Because of my enthusiasm for Fred’s tradition, I’m often asked by Christians and Hindus, “Are you