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What Everybody Ought to Know About Publishing A Book

If You Dream It … One year ago tomorrow, my first book, Saffron Cross, was released. Publishing  changed my life, but not in the way I imagined it would. Like most humans living in an industrialized, ego and productivity-driven society, I believed that traditional publishing 

Three Ways to Get Yourself Out of Writer’s Block

Confession: I’m breaking the golden rule of blogging and social media writing, because this post is really about me. But, for all its apparent selfishness, this is a “physician heal thyself” message. I’m addressing my current creative struggles publicly because I’m guessing that you or 

33 Lessons I’ve Learned in 33 Years

And I will stroll the merry way And jump the hedges first And I will drink the clear Clean water for to quench my thirst And I shall watch the ferry-boats And they’ll get high On a bluer ocean Against tomorrow’s sky And I will 

Let Your Slip Show: The Power of Vulnerability

  Sunday Best My mother arrived during the World War II era, the youngest of five children born to a rural family of industrious farmers, entrepreneurs, and homemakers. She comes from a long line of women who counseled their daughters: “You mustn’t let your slip 

Why Every Writer Needs an Ideal Reader

Moved to Tears Last week, Fred read the draft of the first chapter of my second book. He was ten minutes in when I scooted over to his desk, which is adjacent to mine in the tiny second bedroom we call our office. I expected 

“Art is a Guarantee of Sanity” (Louise Bourgeois, sculptress, 1911-2010)

“Art is a Guarantee of Sanity” (Louise Bourgeois, sculptress, 1911-2010)

Two weeks ago this Thursday, I felt completely sorry for myself and for my writing. This self-depreciating, pitiful behavior surfaced after I began ruminating over my 2011 creative writing submissions. Of the several major submissions I had sent to magazines and editors (which, in truth,