One Breath at a Time: A Skeptic’s Guide to Christian Meditation

In secular mainstream America, meditation has become as ubiquitous as yoga. Americans spend an estimated $2.5 billion annually on yoga instruction. But how does meditation fit into Christianity, and how does it differ from prayer?

One Breath at a Time: A Skeptic’s Guide to Christian Meditation reframes meditation for those who are skeptical because (1) they doubt their ability to be still and quiet and (2) they doubt the validity of meditation as a Christian spiritual practice. Using scripture, theology, and examples from the early church, this book challenges Christians’ prayer habits that leave little room for enough silence to experience and listen for God.

Using five approaches—breath meditation, lectio divina, centering meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and devotional meditation, One Breath at a Time provides a practical, 40-day guide to beginning and sustaining a Christian meditation practice in an often chaotic world.

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This 40-Day Guide to Meditation Is Ideal For

  • The growing number of Christians in the U.S. interested in contemplative spiritual practices
  • Non-Christians who would like to explore meditation from a Christian viewpoint
  • Church Sunday School classes, Adult Forum classes, continuing education, small groups, book clubs, and meditation groups
  • New Year’s resolutions, Lenten practices, Advent practices, as well as personal mindfulness/meditation goals and growth

Key Features of This Book

  • Provides a scriptural, theological, and scientific case for Christian meditation
  • Compelling stories from the author’s personal experience that invite readers to examine their own struggles with silence
  • Contains 5 meditation approaches that help readers learn step-by-step how to meditate
  • Encourages readers to disconnect from technology and connect to the workbook so they can be fully present with God
  • An appendix of meditation tips (scripture, quotations, and ideas)

Bulk Copies and Author Q&A

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