Meditate Your Anxiety Away with One Breath at a Time: A Skeptic’s Guide to Christian Meditation

Just 3 Minutes to Relief

Do you need a simple and accessible meditation practice that you can do anywhere, anytime?

One Breath at a Time: A Skeptic’s Guide to Christian Meditation is for you and me, people who are …

  • Bogged down by life
  • Not sure where to start
  • Need quick relief
  • Skeptical that meditation will work
  • Have a hard time sitting still
  • Question that meditation is a Christian practice
  • Need a friendly, helpful, and understanding instructor

Who’s Using One Breath at a Time?

  • Busy parents and grandparents
  • Adults effected by loss, stress, and isolation
  • Caregivers with a lot on their plates
  • Busy career-driven adults trying to get it all done
  • Retirees finding their new daily rhythm

Check out a free preview now of the five approaches—breath meditation, lectio divina, centering meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and devotional meditation, One Breath at a Time provides a practical, 40-day guide to beginning and sustaining a Christian meditation practice in an often chaotic world.

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This 40-Day Guide to Meditation Is Ideal For:

  • Christians interested in contemplative spiritual practices
  • Non-Christians who would like to explore meditation in an easy way.
  • Small groups, families, continuing education, book clubs, and meditation groups
  • Lenten practices, Advent practices, New Year’s resolutions, as well as personal mindfulness/meditation goals and growth

Key Features:

  • Provides a scriptural, theological, and scientific case for Christian meditation
  • Compelling stories from the author’s personal experience that invite readers to examine their own struggles with silence
  • Contains 5 meditation approaches that help readers learn step-by-step how to meditate
  • Encourages readers to disconnect from technology and connect to the workbook so they can be fully present with God
  • An appendix of meditation tips (scripture, quotations, and ideas)

Whether you are new to meditation, lapsed in your practice, or simply curious, you have found the right teacher. Dana Trent is not only wise about the ways in which our tech-driven lives are stunting our spiritual growth but also serious about offering us an invitation to be still with God for a few moments each day. The added bonus of her skepticism is that she knows how hard that can be–and why it remains essential for our soul’s health.

Barbara Brown Taylor, Author of Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others

Dana’s journey into contemplation is, to me, a sign of the times. As we reach for a still point in the turning world, meditation isn’t a flight from the world of action but a way of staying centered in the midst of it. One breath at a time, indeed.

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, Author of Reconstructing the Gospel

Dana Trent’s One Breath at a Time is powerful and instructive. Trent’s poignant words give us the practical guidance that we need to learn, practice, and grow, and she keeps us engaged in every step of the way.

Rev. Carol Howard Merritt, Author of Healing Spiritual Wounds: Reconnecting with God After Experiencing a Hurtful Church