Leaning Into Our Lament

Friends, Fred and I had a wonderful time time at SOULfeast. We walked, prayed, worshiped, attended thoughtful sessions on cultivating spirituality and practices, and–our souls were fed! Last week, I had the honor of serving as the Monday night preacher, which meant that I was 

Why Do We Hide Our Suffering?

Admit it: that 4th of July selfie you posted took 15 tries, and though your smiling faces shone bright as the fireworks, you were actually hot, grumpy, and bracing yourself to fight the 100,000 other people making a b-line to their cars after the last 

Wild Goose Festival 2014: What Does “Living Liberation” Mean?

What is “Living Liberation” mean for me? What does it mean for you? I’m about to find out. My hunch is that this year’s Wild Goose Festival is about challenging the status quo of Christianity, religion, spirituality, culture, and politics. “Living Liberation! simply means “learning to 

Who is My Enemy? An Interfaith Spin on the Good Samaritan Story

Author’s Note: Portions of this blog post were originally written for and preached at Antioch United Methodist Church, Rural Hall, NC on May 18th, 2014. Is the Good Samaritan Story an Interfaith Story? Last Sunday, I was invited by my Salem College and Duke Divinity 

Four Crucial Ways College Students Teach Us How to be in Interfaith Conversation

Fellow interfaith author and activist Susan Katz Miller recently reflected on her interfaith cross-country tour with her book, Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Family. She writes, “I feel like we are just at the beginning of a great, national conversation on religious flexibility 

Saffron Cross Spring 2014 Tour (NC, VA, and KY)

Photo Credit: Linda Furtado Saffron Cross Spring 2014 Tour (NC, VA, and KY) It’s that time! Spring is nearly here (I repeat this mantra even as NC has just wrested with another bout of wintry mess!), and Fred and I are on the road again.