Fred and I grateful for the many responses to the Durham Herald-Sun article (published March 10, 2011). The feedback has been amazing; it’s afforded us opportunities to learn about others’ interfaith experiences. Thank you for reading and for your interest in this journey! If you 

“Navigating an Interfaith Marriage” (The Herald-Sun)

“Navigating an Interfaith Marriage” (The Herald-Sun)

“DURHAM — J. Dana Trent and Fred Eaker both grew up in North Carolina. Both went to college here, where they explored and deepened their religious faith. Both came to very different conclusions. Trent is an ordained Baptist minister. Eaker is Hindu and spent five 

The Odd (Simple) Couple

Just before dozing off last night, I realized that Fred and I have become that virtuous (or cantankerous?) old married couple who goes to bed at 7:30 p.m., and is … well, odd. We’re vegetarian; we have no TV and no microwave. Yes, we’re that 

Interfaith Relationships

Interfaith Relationships

Thursday’s post on “Exploring an Interfaith Marriage” received some intriguing Facebook comments. It was confirmation for me that people do engage in interfaith relationships (of all kinds–platonic, romantic, and professional) and that the challenges are very real. I asked, “Have you ever participated in an interfaith 

Exploring an Interfaith Marriage

When Fred and I first became engaged (theological geeks that we are), we ran to the nearest commercial bookstore to purchase a how-to manual for navigating the joys and challenges of being an interfaith couple. The shelves were lined with survival guides for Jewish-Christian marriages, 

Cloning India

My husband says he’s never seen me write as ardently as I did while we were in India. What was it about India that triggered such focus and volume? In India, I had no work stress. No Inbox. No project lists demanding my attention. No cell