For Sabbath’s Sake

Coming October 1st, 2017 from Upper Room Books: For Sabbath’s Sake is a book that seeks to reinvigorate your practice of sabbath. From resting, worshiping, and participating in your community, J. Dana Trent explores the purpose and spirit of sabbath in ways both ancient and modern.

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Saffron Cross

“The possibility that I’d get matched with anyone who wasn’t a Christian is minute, anyway, right?”

“Right,” God giggled.

Saffron Cross is the intriguing memoir of Dana, a Baptist minister, and Fred, a devout Hindu and former monk. The two meet on eHarmony and begin a sometimes daunting but ultimately inspiring journey of interfaith relationship and marriage. Trent’s compelling vignettes, often hilarious and refreshingly honest, offer readers a glimpse into the challenges of bringing together two vastly different spiritual paths into one household. This book includes chapters on an Indian ashram honeymoon, vegetarianism, Sabbath-keeping, prayer, and grief, plus other challenges of interfaith relationships.