Death Cafes Help Ease Grief, Loss in the Time of Coronavirus

From The Associated Press: “COVID has certainly brought death to the forefront. It has brought the death-positive movement to the forefront, but we’re still scared,” Trent said. “What I’m grateful for is that COVID has awakened society to the possibility of death. None of us is getting out of here alive.” Read the full piece at AP.


How to Cope with COVID-19 Grief This Mother’s Day

My latest with Sojourners: Whether it’s last year’s Mother’s Day or last century’s Mother’s Day, none of us imagined we’d spend this spring helplessly taming a pandemic. COVID-19 amplifies a tenuous holiday, especially among people of faith. Even in “normal” circumstances, this Hallmark holiday highlights not only gifts but pain: infertilityloss, and issues of maternal health care access. But in a year when our bodies, minds, spirits, hope, and patience are worn thin, Mother’s Day 2020 triggers unprecedented challenges. Read on at Sojo.

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How to Start a Meditation Practice When You’re Stressed

My latest with USA Today: The well-known adage that change is life’s only constant is truer than ever. But change now rules our lives, along with a growing fear of uncertainty. When uncertainty is combined with rapidly unfurling national circumstances, it’s no wonder we’re finding it more difficult to manage our minds. These simple steps can help us keep calm amid chaos and change. Read the full piece here.