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Blessed Are the Nones

Enjoy my Collegeville Institute Q&A with Stina Kielsmeier-Cook, whose spiritual memoir Blessed Are the Nones: Mixed Faith Marriage and My Search for Spiritual Community was just published. Stina, who identifies as Christian, is married to Josh, who identifies as a “none.” But that wasn’t always the case. In this interview, Stina gives a bit of background on their journey, including navigating the joys and challenges of mixed-faith marriages, her decision to write a memoir, and monasticism. Read on here.


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Introducing the Array of Faith Podcast

With so little hope, it feels like a good time to share a little light. 

Announcing the “Array of Faith” podcast, where we shed light on the beauty in our numerous religious and spiritual differences. ListenSubscribe. Review. Let us know what you think!

As a professor of world religions, one of my favorite parts of the semester is inviting guest practitioners into my classroom to meet and connect with students. These speakers having visited my courses for years, arriving from different religious and spiritual traditions, generously sharing their lived faith experiences with eager college students. And now, COVID has nudged me and many teachers to get creative with our lesson plans. I’m bringing our guest practitioners virtually to students–and YOU!–through a new podcast called, “Array of Faith.” 

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Sweeten up Hard Conversations about Grief and Dying with a ‘Death Over Dessert ‘Club

Death, dying, and grief has become all the more real during this global pandemic … and still, very few of us are prepared to talk about it. Now, former hospital chaplain and “grief guru” Dana Trent offers a way to make talking about death and dying less scary. With the new “Death Over Dessert” Discussion Guide, you’ll learn how to start a virtual Dessert Club where you can talk about and cope with feelings of grief, frustration, sadness, anxiety, and pain around death and dying, on both a personal and global level. Read more here.