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From RNS: “J. Dana Trent is on a mission to discuss death with the post-Millennial generation”

RALEIGH, N.C. (RNS) — The students in J. Dana Trent’s World Religion class watched closely as she unwrapped several Native American objects – a medicine wheel, a cottonwood self-offering stick and a garland made up of Lakota prayer ties … continue reading Yonat Shimron’s piece at Religion News Service.


Assembling IKEA Furniture in a Wind Tunnel: Coping with Loss at the Holidays

I had distinct the honor of holding space for and with Paul Samuel Dolman as we discussed the recent loss of his mother, Eileen. Listen here as we dive deeply into what the first few weeks of being an “adult orphan” look like, as well as practical tips for moving through grief as it changes shape. You may also enjoy our talk from early September.

Paul is a best-selling author, speaker, musician, and producer. His book, Hitchhiking with Larry David is the story of an unlikely meeting that prompts a journey of self-discovery.