Fasting in a Pandemic

Fasting in a Pandemic

Jeania Ree V. Moore writes, “Fasting, if done right, is an experience of surrender. In decreasing our intake, fasting makes space for something else. In fasting, we are listening for God.” The Lent 2020 Call to Prayer, Fasting, and Repentance reminds us that fasting redirects our attention. It attunes us to solidarity — commensuration with our “health, situation, and communities.” When we fast, we wake up. Fasting in and of itself is an interruption of the norm, an invitation to recalibrate our time and focus to something deeper.

Sojourners. Read more here.

When I wrote this Sojourners piece three weeks ago, I didn’t know how much involuntary “fasting” we’d all be practicing this Lent: ceasing from our routines, gathering, classrooms, wages, embracing, and connection. Every Lent, intention matters. Discipline matters. But isn’t that the very point? Fasting implores us to wake up from our monotonous grind and embrace what really matters: people.

Read the full piece at Sojourners.

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