Diligent Sabbath: Lessons in Going Deeper as We Go Wider

I continue to be grateful for the ways in which readers are using For Sabbath’s Sake as a return to and re-envisioning of modern sabbath-keeping.

In her recent piece for Mennonite World Review, my friend and Christian Century editor, Celeste Kennel-Shank, describes what we—and the church—must embrace in order to be diligent in our sabbath practices.

In “Going Deeper as We Go Wider,”  from the Discipleship Ministries Blog, Dr. Doug Ruffle explores three key takeaways from For Sabbath’s Sake for church planters.

I’m grateful for both of these scholars and their incorporation of rest, worship, and community into their ministries.

Please read and share Celeste’s and Doug’s work.

To learn more about For Sabbath’s Sake, click here.

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