Three Simple Ways to Start a Sabbath Practice

Three Simple Ways to Start a Sabbath Practice

[This is part of an article written as a post for Steve Austin’s Grace is Messy blog. Click the link below to read the entire article on his site.]

I am a fledgling sabbath-keeper.

Though I’ve written a book about it, embraced my 52 chances per year to practice it, and have even preached it, I am a less-than-perfect sabbatarian.

And that’s OK.

But Americans think we have to be the best at everything. As my friend Rev. Elizabeth Hagan writes, “I’m a better do-er than rest-er.” Like her, we thrive on the “go big or go home” mentality. “Good enough” equates to mediocre, which is why our bookshelves are lined with tomes on mastering a craft and becoming our best selves.

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