Unplug, #ForSabbathsSake

Unplug, #ForSabbathsSake

One year ago, I began writing For Sabbath’s Sake: Embracing Your Need for Rest, Worship, and Community.

There’s a reason this book bubbled up from all the rest. I was working four part-time jobs in three counties; my mother had been diagnosed with dementia; and I was suffering from chronic migraine syndrome. I felt physically sick, depressed, spiritually drained, lonely, frustrated, burned out, and seeking purpose.  Running on empty didn’t even begin to describe it. Sound familiar?

That’s why #ForSabbathsSake means somethings to all of us. Whether parenting, care-giving, working, or simply trying to juggle it all amid 24-7 living,  we need sabbath. We’re just not sure how to embrace our need and, in turn, make it happen.

As we look toward the October 1 launch of For Sabbath’s Sake, I’m delighted to share the (tough) lessons I’ve learned about prioritizing rest, worship, and community in a loud world.

Are you ready to explore an ancient medicine that can cure our modern woes? Sabbath is a gift, free to all. Here’s how to get started, even before For Sabbath’s Sake hits the shelves:

  1. Check out these FREE sabbath resources. Please share them with friends!
  2. Be the first to own For Sabbath’s Sake October 1st! Pre-order your copy today.
  3. Take a photo of your favorite sabbath activity (rest, worship, community) and include the #ForSabbathsSake hashtag. Tag me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so that we can all be inspired by your practice.
  4. Sign-up for my email list so that you can receive sabbath tips and ideas directly in your inbox.

Summer Sabbath Fun: Opportunities to engage in sabbath abound – register for the July 13-16 Wild Goose Festival  (save 25% off tickets with the code BEMYGUEST) or the September 28-30 Apprentice Gathering, two spirituality conferences designed to help you shape meaningful spiritual practices, including sabbath.

Also: don’t miss the My Quiet Spaces “Retreat at Sea” Cruise, January 25-29, 2018.

How Can I Help? I’d love to help your group explore how to practice sabbath in today’s world.  Tell me about you and what you need.

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