Marked by Faith: The Spirituality of Tattoos

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Kristen Vincent shows her hesed faith mark at the 2014 Wild Goose Festival Faithmarks Exhibit. Photo courtesy of Faithmarks:, Facebook: @Faithmarks Photography
Twitter: @FaithmarksPhoto

I’m fascinated with tattoos.

Though I have none, it hasn’t stopped my from querying everyone I meet who has an intriguing mark on his or her body.

Fred cringes in face-palming embarrassment when I inquire: “Tell me about your tattoo!” holding up grocery store lines and cornering unsuspecting strangers.

While Judaism and Islam have historically forbidden tattoos, Christianity has not been entirely opposed to the practice. The early believers in Egypt demonstrated  their beliefs with body marks that both strengthened their faith and made it impossible to deny Christ in times of persecution.

Ask any religious practitioner today if tattooing is right or wrong, and you will get an answer on either end of the gamut.

But, is the wave of inking ourselves in the name of God here to stay? Your grandmother’s church may not like the answer.

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  • Are religious/spiritual tattoos right or wrong?
  • Can tattoos aid in a spiritual path, or do they hinder it?
  • Do you know anyone with a “faith mark?” Would you get a faith mark? 





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