Year-in-Review: The Blog Posts You Loved!

Writers want nothing more than to connect with readers.

Friends, you are the faithful followers of this site, and I’m grateful for your reading, sharing, and loving.

This is your community: you help it grow and thrive, and I’m happy to share the top ten posts you viewed most this past year, as indicated by your clicks and comments.

Here’s what you’ve taught me about writing in the past 365 days: I have nothing to lose in sharing lessons from my life, my relationships, and my creative struggles. From weight loss, to suicide prevention, to interfaith marriage, to vulnerability, you helped me realize that have everything to gain by showing my work: your friendship, your stories, and our connection to one another.

Your Top Ten Viewed Posts in 2014:

  1. Why Being Fat Was the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to Me
  2. Remembering Lindsay: Suicide Doesn’t Have to Have the Last Word
  3. How to Keep the Faith in Interfaith Marriage
  4. Suicide: A Story Ends Too Soon
  5. Let Your Slip Show: The Power of Vulnerability
  6. How a Christian Celebrated Christmas at a Hindu Monastery
  7. Pentecost Moments
  8. Stealing Back Sabbath Series: Sabbath Opportunities
  9. Christian-Buddhist Double Header: An Exploration of Interfaith Worship Inspired by Saffron Cross
  10. Three Things That May Surprise You About a Christian-Hindu Marriage

Thank you for making it another special year of writing!

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