Saffron Cross Book Giveaway Winners!

Photo credit: Jim Harris
Photo credit: Jim Harris

Thank you all for your entries in the Saffron Cross Book Giveaway!

It was so fun to hear how our little interfaith story has impacted you, and why you want to share it with someone special.

The winners have all been sent their books; see below for a sampling of the entries.

Here’s what some of you said about how Saffron Cross inspired you and why you want to give it as a gift. 

From Craig:
I work as a chaplain on a university campus serving students of all religious backgrounds. Saffron Cross is the best book I know that articulates a vision for relationships across religious difference that describes the integrity of each tradition and the flourishing of both partners.

I want to have the book in my office, for my own use, and as a resource for young people who are wrestling with questions of interfaith relationships. And, having heard Dana and Fred speak in person, I can attest to the authenticity of their story – which makes the book all the more powerful, for me, and for the students I plan to share it with.


From Gail:
I have lots of friends who have navigated mixed marriages, mostly Jewish-Christian, but I was moved when you talked about how at one point you secretly hoped your hubby converted but then re-assessed that thought. And I love the title!

I have my signed copy of your book at work at Wake Forest … but I also would like to have a copy … to show it to my friends and invite them to purchase a copy.


From Amy:
Saffron Cross inspires me because interfaith work is my passion. I am especially inspired by seeing Christians making interfaith relationships work, and a desire to be pluralistic about faith, to the extent of embracing this in marriage. When I met Dana and Fred, I was captivated by their enthusiasm for the work that they do, and how they do it together. I hope that the story described by Dana and Fred in their work will further equip me with skills in my pursuit of furthering interfaith cooperation in college and beyond.


From June:  I love the book and it helped me so much in reading from it and seeing how to overcome obstacles that a mixed faith marriage would present.

I wish to send it to my Hindu fiancé so he may have his own copy. Even if he doesn’t convert [to Christianity], according to Dana’s wonderful book, I feel it can still work and be the love of a lifetime.


From Sheryl: From the 1st page, Saffron Cross was engaging, funny, earthy, inviting the reader into a Divine Presence. Reading Dana’s and Fred’s love story and the gentle, affirming ways in which they began to share their faith was heartwarming. It also helped me realize how important it is for all of us to be open to people of other faiths, honor their perspectives, and even let those perspectives shine the Light on our ways of knowing.

On a lighter note – most Southern Baptist ministers are not funny at all, and Dana is hilarious!!
And, if you pay attention to Fred and his spiritual practices, you might learn that Christians really don’t need to be so cocky about who we are and what we believe.

I want to give the book to a gay, female pastor. Thought that would correct the tilt in the universe a bit after weight of the words of so many hard-line conservatives.


From Suzanne:
We are looking forward to [Dana’s] visit at Ashe Library in March … I have been promoting you on our Wellness Circle Website and at local meetings. I’d love to have an extra copy of the book to share with our book club members.

Friends, if you missed your chance to enter, never fear. We’ll do this again in 2015!

Thank you all so much for continuing to share love and hope for interfaith and interdenominational partners.

Meanwhile, take care of one another this holiday season.

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