Remembering Lindsay: Suicide Doesn’t Have to Have the Last Word

Photo courtesy of “Letters for Lindsay”

Lindsay’s 33rd Birthday

Friends, tomorrow (September 11th) will mark what would have been my friend Lindsay’s 33rd birthday.

I often wonder what Lindsay would be doing today. Would she have continued her successful path in the development/fundraising world? Would she be happily married, ready to start a family? What new music would she have introduced us all to, encouraging us to dance life away with a freedom few of us had ever encountered in any other human being.

These wonderings will stay just that, because Lindsay’s story ended far too soon when she committed suicide in 2010 at the age of 29.

Remembering Lindsay: How You Can Help

But I will not allow Lindsay’s suicide to have the final word. You all may remember previous posts I’ve written about Lindsay’s spirit, energy, and love of good music (see below). These posts are how she is  captured in my mind and heart; forever young, forever beautiful–and loving all of us.

If you or someone you hold dear has been affected by suicide, I hope you will considering contributing to “Team Loving Lindsay” as they raise funds for this year’s American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of Darkness Walk in Winston-Salem, NC. You can prevent suicide: one life at a time. Do not let suicide have the last word.

Read these posts below to learn more about Lindsay, her fun-loving lease on life, and how her story lives on through all who loved her.

Happy birthday, Lin.

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