A Year Later: Remembering BEA

This time last year, Fred and I were off to NYC the celebrate the awesomeness that is BookExpo America–a gathering of thousands of authors, publishers, booksellers, and book lovers.

We distributed nearly 200 signed advance copies of Saffron Cross to book reviewers, librarians, and members of the media.

If you’re new to the blog, take a trip down memory lane.

Bonus: scroll down for never-before-seen-photos from our excursion.

Here are 5 things I’ll never forget about that trip:

1. The rush of the city juxtaposed to the peace of Central Park.


2. This moment in Greenwich Village the night before BEA. It was taken as I looked out the window from the highest floor of the Alma Matthews House where we stayed. I’ll never forget feeling like all of my dreams were coming true.


3. Walking through the Javits Center in our clergy robes. The next hour, we signed copies of Saffron Cross for BEA-goers.

Signing books at the BEA Abingdon Press/Upper Room Books/Fresh Air Books booth

4. Interrupting the filming of Birdman and walking behind Michael Keaton (or his stunt double). Fred caught a quick photo before we were reprimanded. Look for me in the movie, out October 17! (Just kidding, really. They’d stopped rolling. Oh, well.)


5. And this moment, in Rockefeller Plaza, where, on a muggy May evening, I thought, “If I died right now … I’d die happy.”


I’ll never forget the opportunities we’ve been given through this interfaith marriage story. Nothing has meant more to us than connecting with readers, hearing stories, and sharing the common goal: harmony, harmony, harmony.


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