Next Stop: Salem College


Salem’s Main Hall, where I took most of my French classes. I took this photo on Girls’ Weekend trip with my beloved friends and college suitemates, Kristin, Madeline, and Jenn.

Fred and I will be at Salem College on Monday night!

I spent four years at Salem studying French and History—an experience that shaped and formed me in ways I never imagined possible.

It’s an honor to return and share my debut book!

Join us for a reading, discussion, and signing at Salem’s Shirley Recital Hall, Monday at 7:30 p.m.. Books will be available for purchase; they are $16 each.

Please share with your Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and central North Carolina friends!

Salem College Suitemates and Forever Friends: Kristin Beran Krupp, Jennifer Allen Hege, and Madeline Chenoweth Day




2 thoughts on “Next Stop: Salem College”

  • How very far you 4 young women have come since Salem Graduation 2003 ! So proud each one of you, but not surprised.

    Salem College in Winston-Salem NC is THE place to go for an outstanding woman’s education. Academic, social, political and many
    other exposures stimulate you while you are enveloped in Old Salem and the daily rigorous routines of classes with friends, and
    Excellent Professors. Remember, you learned ways to be a good author there.

    Then there is always the good ole Refectory. And for a sweet, the Old Salem Bakery smells beckon you ….the Salem Tavern was
    one of our best treats ! I hope Freddy gets to peek in the front door at least. Enjoy the RG House tonight! It is fun, too.
    I know your presentation will go well. Love to you and Freddy the Great…………………… MC 12:45 PM

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