Back to the Beginning

This is actually last week’s sign from Flyleaf, but why not recycle? Seeing your name in chalk never gets old! 🙂

Friends: Tonight we’re heading back to where it all began—9th street in Durham, NC!

First Date

Fred and I had our first date on 9th Street in December 2008. We met for lunch at the Blue Corn Cafe; I wore a trying-too-hard red sweater and equally obnoxious lipstick.

I’ll never forget seeing him for the first time: a thin, veteran vegetarian with a angular jaw casually reading the IndyWeek at a wrought iron table. The rest, as they say, is history—or maybe in this case, herstory

Back to the Beginning

On subsequent dates, we ate dinners and browsed The Regulator Bookshop, which is where we’ll be for tonight’s reading. Who would have ever thought that we’d return to share our own story

Life is wild like that, huh?

We hope to see you tonight, 7:00 p.m. at the Regulator!



1 thought on “Back to the Beginning”

  • Dana and Fred, This event at Flyleaf Book Store in Chapel Hill was so special to me because it was the first one held
    inside a business establishment. Your first one, of course, was at Binkley Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, NC where you
    were baptized at age 11 yrs. by our Sr.Minister who just happened to be a woman. That was a first for your ole Mom who
    had NEVER seen a female Sr. Minister baptize a candidate. I joyfully observe your continuing growth into womanhood.
    You and Fred are a great match. Fred adds so much wonder and warmth to the Trent family. I do not know how we ever
    did without him. It was a quite a long wait . I love you both. Mom

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