A Book is Born

Fred and I were starstruck yesterday when we interviewed with WRAL’s Bill Leslie! His segment, “Good Things,” will air on Friday, October 4th, at 5:30 p.m. (we’ll also post a link).

Friends—today is the day!

Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk  officially releases today. A book is born!

Many of you have followed this book journey from the days when Saffron Cross was only a book proposal with no publishing home. Thank you for your care, attention, and support during this two-year journey. It takes a village to birth a book, and you are an integral part of this birthday!

The big question now is: What will the Saffron Cross interfaith journey mean for readers, their relationships with one another, and with and God?

A few responses are in! Check out these recent posts on Saffron Cross:

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Me signing a copy of Saffron Cross for the Bill Leslie!

This is an exciting week! Please be sure to:

1. Tune into Rachel Held Evans’ blog today for her post: “Ask an Interfaith Couple (Christian-Hindu).” You can post your comments and questions for us and upvote the ones you like the best. Rachel will choose the top questions from the list and we’ll respond to them in a post scheduled for next week.

2. If you are anywhere near Chapel Hill, NC, we hope you’ll join us for Wednesday’s Book Launch and Program at Binkley Baptist Church. The reading begins at 6:30 p.m. in the sanctuary; a reception and signing follow in fellowship hall.

3. If you’ve started or completed Saffron Cross, we hope you’ll feel inspired to share your impressions on Amazon. Your post can be 20 words (or more, of course), and can be written using a pen name if you prefer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Look at these handsome men! 🙂 Fred with WRAL’s Bill Leslie.

Thank you for helping us spread the Saffron Cross excitement! Stay tuned …

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1 thought on “A Book is Born”

  • These two young adults are an inspiration to many of us who know them. Their story is wonderful, humorous, and also sad when the
    poverty of the people comes into the spotlight. Especially the widows who sit and beg. The descriptions are sharply focused.

    In the honeymoon setting of the village, the lives of the villagers revolve around their God. From 4:00 am until late in the day,
    worship and meditation rule without question, and with thankfulness. The monkey stories are entertaining. It is all good.
    Is there another book coming out by this author soon?

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