Saffron Cross: A Story for All of Us

Last week, I waited until I picked Fred up from work to open the envelope that contained our sample copy of Saffron Cross. This smile made it all worth it!

Four weeks from today, y’all. Four weeks!

Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk will be available Tuesday, October 1st! Please join us sharing it with every friend and stranger your encounter! Here’s why:

Saffron Cross is a story for all of us.

1. Saffron Cross is for the hours we spend resenting each other instead of loving one another as children of God.

2. Saffron Cross is for the days we cling to what’s different instead of loving what’s unique.

3. Saffron Cross is for the times we imagine that getting to know someone of another faith would derail our own spiritual journeys.

Saffron Cross is for all of us who want to grow closer with God, but haven’t yet realized that the way there may be different from how we’ve always done it. 

Pre-order today so that you can discover your Saffron Cross story October 1!

If you live anywhere near North Carolina, Tennessee, or Mississippi, join us for a stop on the book tour!

One last thing: the good folks at Upper Room Books and Amazon have just released a “look inside” feature for Saffron Cross that allows you to read the bulk of chapter one, “Sex-Free Honeymoon.” Sound intriguing? Head on over!

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