One Week ‘Til Saffron Cross

More Saffron Cross arrivals from the Amazon early birds! Photo credits, left to right, clockwise: Karen Appleyard Carmody, Corey and Tim Gillette, Erin and Ross Riggs (with Emmy!), Kimberley Caulfeild, and Matt Pennachi.

ONE WEEK y’all! One week! Saffron Cross releases in ONE week! 

This is one week I’ve been waiting 32 years for.

When I was five-years-old, I began a love affair with writing, furiously scribbling in notebooks with goofy left-handed swirls. Then I learned to write for real—complete sentences with subjects and verbs—and stacks of angst-ridden journals, folders of short stories, and lists of writing goals followed.

But I never imagined this story would arrive, and that a book would be birthed from my Christian-Hindu interfaith marriage. It’s a reminder that creativity is a holy process and that the stories that find us are not our own.

Saffron Cross is a boy-meets-girl romance with struggles and strain. But it’s also a story of spiritual recaliberation—a rediscovery of the Gospel and a movement toward going deeper with God. Saffron Cross is about what happens when we open ourselves up to the holy friendships we were created to have as God’s children.

With one week to go, I’m humbled and reminded that this is not my book. This is our book—God’s, yours, mine. Saffron Cross is a path about all of us—real people discerning their relationships with other real people—and with God.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Now, I’m going back to dancing in my kitchen, because Saffron Cross is out in ONE WEEK, y’all! One week!

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Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk hits shelves October 1st. Order today!



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