Early Saffron Cross Arrivals

Saffron Cross arrives! Photo credits: Deb Boykin and Jim Goggin; Marianne Collins; Dana Eaker; Subalananda Dasa; Erin Riggs; Chris Donald.

Surprise! The early birds who pre-ordered Saffron Cross from Amazon received their copies last week!

Two weeks ahead of the release date, Saffron Cross began arriving at front doors, mailboxes, and offices from California to Virginia. We asked folks to snap a photo of themselves with the book to capture what we’ve waited two years to see: YOU with our story. Thank you all for sharing—keep those photos coming!


We’re TWO WEEKS away from the actual October 1st release date—which means I’m so excited that I break into song and dance in the car, kitchen, or on the street—wherever.

Thank you all for reading and sharing. We pray the Saffron Cross story will bring you the courage it’s brought to us to be brave, bold, and open to getting to know someone of another faith.

Photo credit: Daniel Eaker

Will we see you this fall? Check out the Saffron Cross book tour schedule for an event close to you. Don’t see one? Let’s schedule it!

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Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk hits shelves October 1st. Pre-order today!



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