Saffron Cross Goes to Print


We’re Off to Print! 

This photo was tweeted by my editor last Friday. Saffron Cross is heading to print–so If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy so that it’s in your hands the first week of October, DO IT!

Life is moving at warp speed as we prepare for the October 1 book launch. We’re scheduling events, interviews, and guest blog posts. Are we coming to your neck of the woods? Find out! We’d love to see you.

Living Saffron Cross

Though Saffron Cross is off to print and we’re in the midst of book marketing frenzy, our interfaith marriage journey is still unfolding each day. Like any couple–Fred and I circle the same trees of disagreement over and over–and we are continually navigating the beautiful challenges of east-meets-west living. The key: keep talking. Never stop talking to each other.

And the patience of any couple is pushed to the limit when households are moved. We moved last week, which means our lives are still in boxes and we can’t find our underwear. We did manage unpack and set-up our home altar (first things first), so somehow things feel balanced.

A Palm Sunday photo of our Christian-Hindu home altar. I’ll take a photo of our altar in our new home soon!

Despite being off schedule from vacation and moving, we’re getting back to the rhythm of worshiping together, which is our primary interfaith marriage mantra. I wrote a brief Facebook post on our philosophy of worshiping together how it led to a new way of looking at the Parable of the Good Samaritan last Sunday.

Worshiping together continues each day. Today is especially thrilling because it’s Ekadasi, which means that I get to gorge on potatoes all day. No, really, Ekadasi a special Hindu holy day of fasting from grains and having a spiritual intention of what we partake. Celebrating one another’s holy days is something Fred and I found to be essential to our success. I engage in a bi-weekly Ekadasi fasts and Hindu holy days, and, in turn, Fred participates in Christian practices during Lent and Advent–including observances of Ash Wednesday, Easter, Pentecost, and Christmas. 

You can read all about the heated and not-so-heated discussions that led to establishing this worship routine in Saffron Cross. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and discuss them with you!

Until then, thanks for your continued readership and support!

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