3 Ways to Prepare for Your Book’s Launch

In the midst of finalizing Saffron Cross manuscript revisions, Fred and I are already preparing for the book’s October 1 release. “But, that’s four months away,” you say. Yes, and there’s still much to be done!

Today is the day! Photo credit: Jim Harris

When Fresh Air Books, an imprint of Upper Room Books, accepted my Saffron Cross manuscript proposal in April 2012, Fred and I dove sight unseen into the exciting world of traditional publishing. Within a year, I’d written the equivalent of two books, crafted an author’s statement, and collaborated with Fresh Air Books on the cover design. Now we’ve arrived at an even more thrilling stage: the advance reader copies (galley proofs) arrived a few weeks ago, and we can just picture YOU holding our story.

Cover design by Fresh Air Books, an imprint of Upper Room Books

But what happens between now and October 1? How do we prepare for the launch of Saffron Cross? What are some ways you can prepare for your book’s release?

1. Attend the BookExpo America

The BookExpo America is the biggest event in publishing for connecting and promoting your forthcoming title. The generous folks at Fresh Air Books invited us to be featured at the Abingdon Press/Upper Room Books booth on Thursday, May 30 for Saffron Cross interviews and signing. Come by and see us! Talking about the book now is the single best way to get it in readers’ hands come October. Can’t attend? Stay updated by following BEA on Twitter and tune in to their live event streaming.

2. Prepare an Online Presence

Fred is an IT professional by day, so I have it easy on this one. He is an incredible designer, security expert, and a techie who always has the end-user in mind. Not married to a web guru? Consider investing in one. Get a feel for what you want in an online book presence by visiting the websites and social media profiles of other authors.

Establishing a robust online platform is a great way to connect nationally and internationally with readers and other artists. In fact, Fred and I love to “meet” you: follow us, like us, and say hey!

Last, but not least, don’t forget to get book on Amazon and encourage pre-orders.

3. Developing Messaging

Why should readers pick up your book? What impact will it make on their lives? What’s your “so, what?” factor? Folks want to know what your book is about and why it matters. Prepare three key messages to share with media, at events, and in one-on-one conversations.

We’re fortunate that the Fresh Air Books team is collaborating with McClure/Muntsinger Public Relations firm to help us connect media and communities to Saffron Cross. Don’t have access to a publicist? A quick Google search will also yield thousands of results on helping you market your book’s essence.  

Have Fun and Share The Journey

Preparing for a book’s launch can be the most stressful time in the life of an author. Or, it can be the best time to remember why you began this journey in the first place: because you wanted to connect, engage, and make a difference. That’s what it’s really all about. So, breathe and have fun.

Please share your book release experience and tips in the comments section below. Discovered a helpful article? Tweet the link @jdanatrent.

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  • What will you wear to the Expo – your Sunday attire? Love the “Today” photo. Go get ’em

    • Thanks, Bhakti-rasa! Indeed, we are BOTH wearing our “Sunday attire.” I will wear my clergy robe and Fred will wear his dhoti, kurta, beads, and tilak. They won’t be able to miss us! 🙂 The “Today” mug is courtesy of the PTA Thrift Shop–a gift from my mother years ago. Leave it to a mother to encourage your dreams, right? They are the best!

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